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Less than 2% of your website visitors are contacting you.

Target the Missing 98% with Statcounter

Statistically, less than 2% of your website visitors get in touch with you while 98% remain anonymous. Considering the significant investment you've made in building and marketing your website, wouldn't it be great if you had the opportunity to convert everyone who has shown interest? Statcounter's B2B lead generation software helps you identify and track anonymous visitors in real time so you can reach out to them before they reach out to your competitors.

Identify and track qualified leads in real time

Access the detailed information you need to identify your most highly qualified leads, such as City, ISP and IP address. Track your visitors’ activity in real time as they navigate through your website.

Set alerts for when leads revisit your site

Get email and mobile notifications when the visitors you have identified return to your website. Time your follow-ups perfectly — never miss an important lead again!

Identify opportunities in new markets

Watch for interest in your website from across the globe to help you identify opportunities in new markets.

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How does it work?

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We have easy to follow installation guides for over 70 popular website platforms and editors.

Statcounter shows us which companies have visited our website, where they come from, what pushed them towards that page, what they’re downloading, which products they’re interested in and how long they’ve spent on each page. Our sales team have a clear picture of each lead before we even make contact.
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Try Statcounter free for 30 days

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